On International Women’s Day 2016, when everyone was busy celebrating the brave women, some of them made us feel ashamed. On the occasion of women’s day a group of woman in drunk intoxicated state boarded the Delhi metro. But when they boarded the metro, no body could know what to anticipate from them.

Soon they start harassing a man, who seemingly has a shocked look on his face and is seen standing in a corner. The woman in their drunk state start abusing the man. One after the other the woman start harassing the man in the metro bu hurling abuses at him. One of them also tries to get physically hurt the man, but then the others try to keep her out of his way. Even before getting down from the metro the woman keeps abusing the man on the train.

Happy Women’s day.Here’s a few drunk asshole chicks bothering a guy in the metro.Posted by Prayas Rajpal on Monday, March 7, 2016

What is more shocking is the fact that no one could stand up to this situation. The women were putting the man at so much discomfort, but no one dared to help the man who was at the receiving end of the abuses. The video shared on Facebook attracted a lot of attention and within sometime became viral.