Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s penchant for using uncommon, big English words is not a secret. The erudite diplomat-turned-politician has stumped the Twitter on a number of occasions with his accurate wordplay. He had been mocked at for his deep knowledge of the Victorian language. However, the leader has been a sport and has taken the trolling lightly. To prove the point that he can take jokes, every now and then he cracks one on himself. The leader on Tuesday mocked himself and attacked his detractors with a tweet, killing two birds with one stone.

Shashi Tharoor’s Word For The Day was ‘Lalochezia. Don’t bother rushing for a dictionary as he also gave the meaning of the word. “Every day, I encounter on @Twitter people suffering from lalochezia! All too often they direct their suffering at me & others who support my beliefs….,” he wrote on Twitter.

The meaning of Tharoor’s word is a cryptic attack on people who target him on the micro-blogging website. ‘Lalochezia’ is a noun, which means “the emotional relief gained from using abusive and profane language.”

While Tharoor is popular among a section of netizens, he is targetted by a large number of trolls on Twitter. But he has his ways of hitting back at them.