New Delhi, May 21: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor lost his temper when journalists questioned him about his wife Sunanda Pushkar murder case. Shashi Tharoor called the media persons ‘liars’ and refused to comment on the issue. “I will speak to the police, not to self appointed liars,” Tharoor responded when media asked him about the court’s order allowing Delhi police to conduct polygraph tests in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case on three of his close aides.


Shashi Tharoor also expressed his anger about news channel on social networking site Twitter. “Scummy channel accuses me of evading questions. I speak to the police &investigators, not to self-appointed vigilante liars. Told them so,” Tharoor tweeted after the incident.



Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor has been questioned thrice in the case so far. Sunanda Pushkar was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the hotel suite on January 17, 2014 following her spat with Pakistani journalist Mehar Tarar. Police registered a murder case on January 1, 2015.