Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is a man of many words, that too, long, intelligent and unpronounceable ones. Whenever he tweets or has something to say, people listen to him attentively as he always comes up with something quite interesting. Recently, however, Shashi made a mistake while revealing about a gathering he addressed in UAE, no not during his speech, but when he posted about it on Twitter.

In a post he shared on his social media page, Shashi wrote, “My address to the UAE alumni of MES College of Engineering on Innivation in India”, the simple spelling mistake being the word ‘innivation’, which was supposed to be innovation.

Those who followed him did not expect him to make such a mistake that too of an English word, but while most chose to ignore it and praise him for his speech, there were some who asked if it was a new word. Check out the tweets.

Upon realising the error he had committed, Shashi took to his Twitter page to rectify the error by saying, “Yes alas : That should have been ‘Innovation’ or better still, ‘Indovation’!”

Earlier in the year, Shashi had revealed that while discussing media’s voyeurism with a friend, he had been challenged to find a rhyming word for ‘prurient’. His reply had been a poem that read, “Our media is often prurient, Around money some are esurient; Many are visibly parturient, When birthing their inner scripturient.”

Many were left wondering what all the words meant.