Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is a man in Indian politics who is known not only for his humor but also for being a literary brilliant. He often takes to social media to impart English grammar lessons to the less educated netizens. Recently, he shared his mantra with students about how to improve one’s vocabulary.

A video of the Thiruvananthapuram MP shows him standing for a speech and sipping tea from a cup. A student was heard asking a question, “As you have been globally accepted as a man of vocabulary, I would like you to give me and the crowd a new word for us to learn.”

Shashi Tharoor smiled and said the word for today is “simple and an old word” — “Read”. He added, “That’s the only way I acquired a vocabulary. People think I am some sort of nutcase who studies dictionaries all day long. I have barely opened a dictionary in my life. But I have read extensively. The reason I was like this because I lived in India without television, without a computer, without Nintendo, without Play Station, without mobile phones. All I had were books.”

“Books were my escape, books were my education. So if you’re too wondering how else can you expand your vocabulary, that is as strong and refined as Tharoor’s, the only advice is, “Read, read and read. The more you read the better your vocabulary will also be”, he said.

While sharing the video he captioned it as, “My reply to a student who asked me to give him a new word in view of my reputation as a fount of exotic vocabulary”.

Watch the video here:

A few days ago, Shashi shared a video where he discussed his normal childhood days. He used to routinely get embarrassed by his parents in front of guests. His parents had always asked him to speak in English in front of the guests “Uncle ko angrezi bolke sunao na”. The answer he gave was epic: “Daddy, please. I can’t entertain this! Pardon My Recalcitrance.”

Take a look:


Well, that’s true. One should learn new words from reading. So keep reading!