Twitter is an interesting place for many reasons and one of them is the existence of Indian politician Shashi Tharoor on the social media platform. Tharoor, who’s a Congress MP has got his own individual personality on Twitter. He is reverred as Twitterati’s favourite English teacher, and trust him to not lose out on any opportunity of introducing a new word to his Twitter family!

As the country woke up to one of the biggest turnovers in the history of politics in Maharashtra, Tharoor didn’t shy away from taking a dig at the current political situation. In the absence of any new word, he took out an old term that he used in the year 2017 to define the current political scenario in the country.

Tharoor tweeted the word ‘snollygoster’ to comment on the Maha-coup that happened early morning on Saturday and shook the nation including the leading politicians of the country. He had used the word before while taking a dig at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar when he broke his grand alliance with Lalu Prasad‘s RJD and joined BJP despite having an old rivalry from the Modi-led party.

Tharoor had described the then political situation by tweeting, “Word of the day!
Definition of *snollygoster*
US dialect: a shrewd, unprincipled politician
First Known Use: 1845
Most recent use: 26/7/17” (sic)

Now, once again, as NCP’s Ajit Pawar went against the Sharad Pawar-led party and supported BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis in becoming the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Tharoor went back to the same tweet.

This time, he reposted the same tweet and wrote, “Correction: Most recent use: 23 November 2019, Mumbai” (sic)

On November 23, Saturday, at around 8 am, Devendra Fadnavis was seen taking oath as the Maharashtra Chief Minister for a second term while the NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar was declared the Deputy CM.

The development came as a shock to all as the NCP had announced Uddhav Thackeray‘s name for the CM’s post after the Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP joint meeting that happened the previous evening.

The stage was set, the headlines were made, the leaders were relieved and the crowd was anticipating Uddhav Thackeray taking the oath as the new CM of Maharashtra on Saturday morning. However, the tables turned!