Life is the best teacher. While some seek knowledge from life by travelling across the world, others learn it by staying in the same place for many years. It is ultimately the experiences that shape the outlook of a person, irrespective of education, profession or location. And this 100-year-old woman in Madhya Pradesh is proving just this. Recently critically acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur was in Madhya Pradesh. He met a 100-year-old woman during this trip, and her wisdom and simplicity inspired him so much that he took to Twitter to talk about her. The woman has been selling tea at the same spot for over 50 years and even remembers selling tea to Jawaharlal Nehru. The inspiring story of India’s first woman to climb Mount Everest four times

Shekhar Kapur tweeted a picture of the lady with the caption, ‘She’s 100 years old. Served tea in the same spot for 50 years. Remembers serving Nehru tea too. Still laughs and jokes about her life. Sit with her and you are engulfed by her amazing aura. Great tea too. I travel the world searching for myself. And she found herself right here.’ The picture received close to 12,000 likes and 3000 retweets. It also got a lot of positive feedback from the Twitterati, who said they found the 100-year-old woman inspiring. The woman reportedly sells tea outside a nationalised bank in Khajuraho. Her kind eyes and enthusiasm to work even at this age is truly commendable. Kapur also said that despite all her sufferings and poverty, the woman jokes about her, which is something most people can’t do.

Here is Shekhar Kapur’s tweet on the 100-year-old woman:

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It is heartening to see the response the tweet has received. Many users expressed a desire to have a chat with the woman while some were eager to see her. Credit also goes to Shekhar Kapur for noticing the woman selling tea and sharing the interesting anecdote with the Twitterati. It goes on to show the humility and warmth that defines Shekhar Kapur as a person. And hats off to the 100-year-old woman for continuing to work at that age and not simply complain about life. There is a lot we can learn from people like her. Shekhar Kapur is the director of several hit Bollywood films that include Masoom, Mr. India and Bandit Queen.