Shocking! 5-year-old Delhi girl dies due to medical negligence (Watch video)

In yet another shocking case of medical negligence, a five-year-old girl has died in Delhi. Zee News reports that the little girl, Samaira, simply had fever when she was admitted to a private hospital by her father Amrish Madan. The girl’s father says that after a few hours of being admitted, they were simply told that there is an emergency situation as regards the child. How it came to that, was not communicated to them.

Madan also accused the private medical centre of misplacing some reports from the girl’s medical file. The CCTV footage in the hospital is also of no effect, says Madan. He said that if the hospital was not equipped to deal with the case, they should’ve said so. Samaira’s uncle Amit Madan also said that the Shishu Sadan of the hospital where she was admitted asked them to arrange an ambulance and a ventilator in 15 minutes, which was not possible. (ALSO READ: Hyderabad school student dies after clash with classmate)

Strangely, the Janakpuri hospital has not given any reason for the girl’s death. Samaira’s parents have filed a complaint against the hospital for medical negligence. Watch video to know more.