Ahmedabad, May 26: A video of a girl stripping off her cloths at a police station is going viral on social media. The video is being shared widely on social media platforms with the description that a furious lady removes her clothes except bra at an Ahmedabad police station in Gujarat, while arguing with cops. The woman storms in office in the station naked from the waist-down while abusing the cops.

In the video, the lady is seen ranting at a police officer and ransacking the office. The woman strips off just to her bra after arguing with police officers. She tries to grab objects off a desk and then points her finger in one of the officers face. She claps her hands at them and slaps her stomach. Later, a cop brings a pair of black denim shorts and she is persuaded to put them on. Even after donning them, she continues to slam the cops. (ALSO WATCH: Man strips naked and jumps into lions cage to commit suicide. What happens next will leave you stunned)

The video claims that the incident took place at Satellite police station in Ahmedabad city, however the state police denied these reports. M U Masi, Inspector at Satellite police station clarified that the incident didn’t happen at their police station or any other police station in Ahmedabad. He said that he had a report that this video is of some police station in Delhi.

Watch the viral video below: