Chicago police have arrested four teens in assault of a disabled teenager after kidnapping him. The brutality was also streamed live on Facebook. The video showed the teenager sitting in a corner with his mouth taped shut. Although the four have been taken into custody, they have not been formally charged. Their names were also not released.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said that the video that surfaced on Tuesday showing the attack was “sickening.” In the video, the teenagers hold a knife to the victim’s face and his shaves his hair, before which they ripped off his clothes and forced him to drink toilet water. The teenagers are also seen taunting and swearing at the victim. One of them also yelled saying “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** white people”.

Reportedly, the victim knew at least one of the suspects from school. They drove him into Chicago in a stolen truck and physically abused him. According to detectives, the victim met acquaintances in the northwest Streamwood suburb. Police believe that the victim was held hostage for over 24 hours. Police also said that it wasn’t sure whether the attack was racially motivated or not. ALSO READ: Torture by teacher in Pakistan leaves student mute and paralysed

They also cut open the man’s sleeve and shouted at him. Police are now trying to find the motive for the attack. As per reports, police encountered the victim on Tuesday wandering on a Chicago street. The disabled teenager was taken to a hospital and later released. The Facebook Live video is also under investigation.

The video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised