For any propaganda, videos do play a very important part. And when it comes to spread terror, no other thing can beat it. The terrorist group Islamic  State (ISIS) has done the same. In the latest video released by the banned outfit, six child jihadists are seen assassinating alleged spies in the most terrorized manner, with the last one using a knife and beheading the alleged spy. The video is so disturbing, that after watching it even the stone hearted souls would cry in fear and pray that these children should never meet them anytime in future.

The Islamic State has titled the video “To the Sons of Jews” has been filmed in “Wilayat al-Khayr” in Syria — earlier known as Dier er-Zor Governorate before it was occupied by Daesh. In the video, six boys jihadists were seen executing alleged spies on the directions of Islamic State terrorist in Syria. As all the search for the prey in an ancient ruin, somewhere in Deir ez-Zor in Syria, one by one, five out of six junior jihadists use guns and hunt their so-called enemies in the most brutal manner with the guns — aiming forehead. The last boy jihadist seems to be the most ferocious out of the five and instead of gun, he takes the knife, hunts for his prey in the dark, finds him, pulls him with his hands on the hairs of “spy”, and beheads him with a knife brutally. After that he says — Allahu Akbar. (ALSO READ: Islamic State calls Narendra Modi ‘Hindu Nationalist’ who ‘worships’ weapons; says Muslims are his No. 1 enemy!)

The alarming video comes as a proof that how fearlessly these children are being trained in the name of religion in the ruins of Syria by the Islamic State terrorists. The video itself becomes disturbing because of the way it has been shot and with kids assassinating innocent people. Initially, the video shows kids are being taught Quran and after they are being introduced one by one. Though we want to explain the video we would like you to watch it, but we would also like to advice that it should not be watch by people with a weak heart. (ALSO READ: Meet ‘Angel of Death’, Abu Azrael also known as ‘Iraqi Rambo”, who has killed 1,500 Islamic State members)