A lady government officer was caught on camera while playing game in her cell phone during a farmers’ grievance redressal meet in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. The incident took place on 31 August. S Kavitha, a special officer for the Harur Sugar Mill was spotted playing popular game Candy Crush in her smartphone during the farmers’ grievance meet.

A video has emerged in which S Kavitha is seen playing Candy Crush while the farmers are sharing their problems before the government’s panel. What surprising is that the DRO rank officer was sitting right next to the district collector when she shamelessly preferred to play games rather than listening farmers. (ALSO WATCH: OMG! Hardik Patel sex video goes viral on Facebook, WhatsApp. Is it really Patel quota crusader Hardik Patel?)

“We are enquiring about it. As she is of DRO rank, we cannot take direct action against her. We asked her for an explanation within 10 days. Once we get it, we will forward it to the Public Department, as they only can take action. We have already informed the department,” District Collector K Vivekanandan told The New Indian Express.

One should not be surprised by the incident as we have MLAs who were caught watching porn during an Assembly session. Watch S Kavitha playing Candy Crush below: