Kolkata, January 15 : In a shocking incident in Kolkata near river Damodar, a boy died while taking a dip in the river while the friends around him went busy taking the video clip of the swim. Visuals showed that while everything began with a usual laughing and joking between friends, the boy kept drowning into the river and asking for help while his friends kept laughing and joking amongst themselves.

The video seemingly shot with a mobile camera shows two guys getting down onto the river to have a swim, with one of them from the background being heard telling one of the guys about to take a dip “Please  be careful mate, the water must be shallow”, while the other kept on engaging on sly humor. Little did they have no idea. (ALSO READ: Mumbai girl drowns at Bandra Bandstand while taking selfies with friends).

After a while another guy from the video was heard  pressing the panic button,saying ” Where is he? did you see him? I cant seem to track him down.” Watch the video to see the tragic incident.

It is also important to note that while taking selfies has been the latest trend  and so has the eagerness to click viral pictures, the dangers associated with it has just intensified. With almost 27 deaths reported worldwide due to ‘selfies’ half of them accounted for has emanated from India, the latest being Mumbai Bandstand incident where three young lives were lost.