In an interesting twist of events, the accused who slapped Model-turned-actress Gauhar Khan at India’s Raw Star finale, claimed that he was paid to slap her. Talking with Zee media, accused Akil Malik said that whole incident was scripted and Gauhar Khan paid him to slap her in public. In return, Akil was promised to get a role in a film. Earlier, Akil said that he slapped Gauhar because she belongs to Muslim community, so she can’t wear revealing dresses. (Read: Gauhar Khan slapped: Is violence the new publicity stunt in showbiz?)

In this video, the accused Akil is seen saying that Gauhar herself asked him to slap so that she can get media publicity. Akil says that he is a junior artist and met Gauhar on 28 November, two days before the incident took place. Gauhar asked him to come at the show. Before the show began, Gauhar asked him to come in her car and asked to slap her during the show. In return, Gauhar offered him a role in Dabanng 3.

When asked about why he changed his statement drmatically, Akil maintained that the whole incident was pre-planned and it was decided what statement I will give to police. Gauhar promised to ensure Akil’s release after the incident. But Gauhar deceived him and he decided to reveal the truth.

After Akil’s claims, a new twist has come to the story.  As of now Gauhar Khan or police did not respond to Akil’s allegations. Gauhar Khan’s slapping incident has created a lot of buzz and started discussions over moral policing on social media.

Watch the shocking revelations made by the accused here: