A young 19-year-old girl was stoned to death by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the video of the ghastly act has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube. The girl, named Rokhsahana, was reportedly killed because she eloped to marry the man of her choice. Some reports say the woman ran away because she was married against her will.

The video shows Rokhsahana stuck in a hole in the ground, as Afghan men hurled stones at her. She is heard screaming, praying and asking for mercy. Authorities have confirmed the video is authentic and the incident did take place. The Shariah law allows for stoning as punishment for men and women who are convicted of having sex outside marriage, but this was the first such incident in 2015, say the police.

Rokhsahana was brutally killed with stones last week ago in Ghalmeen, which is 40 kilometres from Firozkoh, Ghor, in Afghanistan. Watch video here. However, viewer discretion is advised.