Feb 12: With Islamic State (ISIS) claiming political and demographic capture of Syria and expanding its base in the Middle-East, several videos have been released over the past couple of month since last November. The terror outfit has now come with their latest video in which they have shown how precise and accurate are their suicide bombers in planting a bomb, and how they use teenagers in the execution of their plan.

The video — named “Under the Shade of the Swords” — has been shot and released by the “Wilayat Hims” of Syria on February 9. In this video — of duration 24.44 minutes, vast amount of footage have been merged in a chronological way, first to emote people of the terrific living condition out there due to bombings by fighter jets and then how the terrorists are giving an answer to this. Each time a missile launcher hits a vehicle, chants of ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ can be heard. Be it tanks or any vehicles on the rough terrain of this deserted country, each one is targeted with precision and accuracy to make the maximum damage and rise casualty. (ALSO READ: Shocking! New ISIS video blows up three al-Qaeda captives with live bombs (Watch Video))

In the end of the video two teenagers are being introduced by themselves and they explain their plan in carrying out a VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) suicide bombing attack. After the introduction, the duo take the car and ride it through the deserted land to hit their target, while their trainer oversees the whole attack through the binoculars from several miles away. As the bomb explodes, these terrorists started cheering and chanting ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ again. The whole video is shot through a high definition camera and is edited in a professional way by Hems. Viewers discretion is advised.

Video Courtesy: Heavy.com