Football can be a rowdy sport and for that we have the match referees to hand out red cards to curb misconduct from the game. But things turned uglier during an amateur football match taking place in Brazil when the concerned referee pulled out a GUN, yes a handgun instead of the red card against the footballers who attacked him. This shocking incident was caught on camera and the video footage has gone viral on the internet. Also Watch: Video of TV Host stripping hot naked to keep her promise after in Copa America 2015.

This chilling episode took place during a regional league match in Brumadinho near Belo Horizonte when Amateur side Brumadinho was playing against Amantes da Bola. An altercation took place and the match referee named Gabriel Murta was attacked by the players. After the attack, Murta who is said to be a police officer went to the dressing room and returned with a gun.

This video taken from a mobile phone showed Murta being controlled by one of his linesmen and asked to calm down. While we have seen matters getting out of hand during a football match but the alarming presence of weapon and possible use of it alerted the organisers. There were no arrests made but Murta has been asked to undergo psychological assessment and further action will be decided.