Animals generally keep to themselves and avoid men at all costs unless and until they are threatened or scared. Elephants are generally gentle creatures that have a strong sense of family in their group and also interact with people lovingly. However, we often hear incidences where an animal attacked a man or killed him but usually they always have a pretty good reason for it. Animals are pretty rational that way; they won’t harm humans unless they feel threatened or cornered. In a shocking incident that was captured on video, a man was killed by an elephant when he tried to click a selfie with it. The new trend of taking selfie has jeopardized many lives and this tourist in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district fell victim to this horrendous habit. He was attacked by a furious elephant and instantly lost his life. The shocking incident was captured on video by another tourist.

The man was walking in front of a wild elephant in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district and was trying to take a selfie with the elephant. Apparently, the elephant was not too keen to be clicked and must have gotten irritated by the man’s maneuvers. It attacked the tourist while it was walking on the road and then kicked his body on the road. The tourist died instantly. The incident was captured in a video by another tourist. Horrific Video Captured of 14-foot-long Python Regurgitating Monitor Lizard in Thailand

Watch the video here:

It is really shameful how man has become a slave to this new selfie trend and does not think of the numerous dangers that they might encounter while trying to take that elusive perfect selfie. We’ve heard instances of where people have killed dolphins because they wanted to take a picture with it and kept it out of water for too long, or have plunged to their deaths trying to click a selfie at a creek or a cliff. However, this was the first time a man lost his life at the hands of an elephant who did not want to be clicked.