Have you ever bought food from a railway station or during a train journey? You might consider carrying your own food or going hungry rather than stoop down to a shocking level which is the standard in Indian Railways kitchens in the national capital.

A sting operation by a leading TV new channel in India has caught shocking pictures of a cook urinating where the utensils and vegetables are washed in New Delhi Railway Station’s kitchen. The camera recording the conversations is hidden so the people are mostly unapologetic and unknowingly reveal their true self for the world to see. Apparenty there is no bathroom for the staff to relieve themselves and so they ‘go’ anywhere they like.

The next glimpse of the serious lack of cleanliness is when the reporter visits another kitchen in the national capital’s train station where food is left out in the open without any kind of cover on it. What’s worse is that the catering staff doesn’t even acknowledge that the food was left out in the open and give rude replies to the reporter for asking questions. Here’s the shocking video of the truth behind train catering.