Human life is very precious and the video below shows us how a man tries to get his wife to the hospital who is about to give birth to their child. But, the catch is, they may have have left too late or it took them far too long to get the the hospital so that the woman could have been tended to by doctors and nurses as the baby was born right in the passenger seat of the car while it is on the highway. [Watch: Top 10 horrifying moments from football]

The video has been shot from what looks like the seat belt locking mechanism from the driver’s side to show a low vantage point of the passenger, in this case the mother who gave birth to a child right in the car. The baby sure was impatient as the video starts by mentioning that they have been driving for 45 minutes. The action camera footage of what could a GoPro or a similar small but high quality video recorder shows us the harrowing footage of the mother breathing through contractions an also screaming as she realizes that she might go into labor any moment.

Mere moments later the new born infant is born in the car as the father’s reaction can only be imagined. The video description posted on YouTube mentions that the couple were driving on the Beltway 8 State Highway in Texas towards the Bay Area Birthing Center. There is no nudity in the video but viewer discretion is advised.