As kids, many of us had attended circus and we have to agree that the circus shows are one of the interesting shows and animals in the circus are mostly safe and well trained and that’s why we without any worries attend circuses. But a recent incident has established a fear among all. A fun occasion for kids during a circus in China turned out an appalling experience when the tiger during the performance escaped from the cage. The horrifying video from the scene shows how the tiger breaks the fence and created the panic among the crowd. The tiger didn’t kill anyone but injured two with his claws. The circus tiger was soon caught and was put back behind the cage. The two kids who sustained minor injuries were soon rushed to Second People’s Hospital for medication and they are safe now.

Lion attacks keeper in France zoo, as parents take horrified children away (Watch Video)

Lion attacks keeper in France zoo, as parents take horrified children away (Watch Video)

Different versions of the same incident are plopping on social media sites showcasing the sorry episode that happened in Linfen city of China on 25 November.  The whole incident is under investigation now. One of the witnesses said to CCTV news that the incident happened as the lock was loosened cause of the crowd.

Check out the video here:

Here’s another video of the incident:

It’s too bad and I wish the children had not been injured. A tiger should neither be kept in a small cage nor be in a circus under any circumstance. Of course, the tiger needed to escape to maintain his/her sanity. Caging a tiger — that’s horrifying,” says one of the Twitter user “Maybe now people will realize that wild animals shouldn’t be in a damn cage,” says another angry Twitter user. Many viewers of the video now are asking to ban the animal show. The circus act was a part of the local temple’s fair celebrations. What are views? Sound off in the comments section.