A firing range instructor was killed after a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot him in the head at a gun range in the US. This tragic incident happened when the instructor Charles Vacca was teaching the girl to shoot using a Uzi.

The incident occurred at gun range in Arizona that caters to Las Vegas tourists. Charles Vacca was shot in the head as he instructed the girl how to fire an Uzi, a family of Israeli open bolt 9 mm submachine gun. The video shows the girl practicing to shoot the Uzi before eventually shooting the instructor. As soon as she pulled the trigger, the gun jumped out of her hand towards Charles Vacca, who was right next to her.

Although he was immediately taken to a hospital, he died from his injuries. Even though the incident was very shocking with deadly repercussions, no one was held guilty as the gun was licensed.

Although safe learning is connected to the ability and experience of the instructor, to prevent tragedies like this one, such young kids should not be allowed to use a gun single-handedly. If youngsters at the age of cant 16 , can’t cast their vote, or smoke until they reach the age of 18, or for that matter even consume alcohol until they’re 21, why should a nine year old be given access to firing a fully automatic weapon?