Status Updated is a short film about the current trend of communication to which the youngsters are hooked onto – Facebook. The story revolves around Appu Iyer, who is an introvert and finds it difficult to get along with brand new trends of the generation-Y. So he gradually gets hooked to social networking sites in a desperate attempt to find a soulmate and get married through an online matrimonial site.

The film is also a social observation on how a person is perceived based on his or her relationship status.

Though Appu is more than ready to take up the new challenge, the main focus is whether he will begracefully accept what the world has to offer or will he go back to his own bubble.

The short film is a venture of Nayak Cinema’s FiLM IT, co-written, edited and directed by Abhinav Sunder Nayak. Watch this light-hearted film below.