Ever thought of keeping a dinosaur skeleton in your room or lawn? Well, if you haven’t, you will be amazed to know that two skeletons of the dinosaur of an Allosaurus and a diplodocus are up on auction in Paris this week. The skeletons are being marketed as a hip interior design objects. The auction house owner Lacopo Briano of Binoche et Giquello claimed that the fossil market is no longer just for scientists.

Surprisingly, the Italian expert citing Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas Cage as fans of such outsize prehistoric ornaments told AFP, “Dinosaurs have become cool, trendy—real objects of decoration, like paintings.”

However, in 2015, Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage returned the stolen rare skull of a Tyrannosaurus Bataar, a close cousin of T. Rex to Mongolian government after he bought in 2007. The skeleton of the rare skull of dinosaur was stolen and illegally taken out of Mongolia.

Briano also said, “For the last two or three years the Chinese have become interested in paleontology and have been looking for big specimens of dinosaurs found on their soil, for their museums or even for individuals.”

“The new buyers are now bidding against multinational corporations as well as ultra-rich Europeans and Americans, the “traditional” buyers of dinosaur skeletons”, he added.

Eric Mickeler, a natural history expert for the Aguttes auction house, told AFP, “Millions of people come to see it, its incredible publicity for companies.”

He further added, “The market remains small and ‘isn’t for everybody’.

The Allosaurus is among 87 lots of artifacts that are considered small at 12.5 feet and is expected to fetch up to 650,000 euros.

The price of the skeleton of dinosaur usually goes up, if it shows the traces of a fight or incurable illness as well as it is considered rare and has a high percentage of verified bones and skull.

Around five dinosaurs are put up for auction around the world every year.