We live in a society where the number of molestation cases, domestic violence and rapes on women alarm us.The fact that usually the victims of such brutal attacks being women, suddenly get a lot of attention and their cases are reported quickly. While many such stories still remain unsaid, usually whenever there is a public attack against women, people gather up to her support, while the case does not remain the same the other way round.

In a social experiment conducted by Awkwardness Unlimited, they found out that when men were subjected to domestic violence, they were left for their own good while the cops came running to the rescue when the victim was a woman. Watch- I’m lonely: Is that what eve-teasing men are actually trying to say?

Reports say that 40% of domestic abuse victims are males and are ignored as common perception says that men cannot be victims of domestic violence. Also abuses by wives and girl friends on males are usually ignored by media. There is no law which recognizes domestic violence against men while the violence against women acts in full form.