Sonakshi Sinha in her recent media byte taunted her contemporary actress Deepika Padukone over her video- My Choice, which went viral and has been trashed by majorly by people on the Internet. My Choice is a video by Vogue Empower directed by Homi Adjania aiming to spread awareness about women empowerment. The Rowdy Rathore babe was quite a critique about Deepika’s ideas of pseudo-women empowerment in the video.

On being asked about her opinion on the video, Sonakshi said, “Women empowerment is not always about the kind of clothes you wear, not about who you want to have sex with or stuff like that. It’s about employment, strength.” Disapproving of the ideas being portrayed as women empowerment, Sonakshi said, “It’s a very good initiative. It’s coming from a good space, but honestly I believe empowerment should be given to the women who actually need it, who are kind of far away from where we are right now. We have been bred and brought up with luxury.” (Also watch: Deepika Padukone’s My Choice: Men hit back – male version of video says men don’t support cheating!)

The video shows Deepika talking about the freedom of choice that women must have regarding multiple issues, including having the choice to indulge in sex before marriage or out of marriage or not having sex at all. “My Choice”, directed by Homi Adjania, calls for a change in the mindset of men about women and asks them to stop judging women for their choices of clothes, profession and life. (Also watch: Deepika Padukone bats for women’s equality in new online video)

“Women empowerment should reach out to people who actually need it, like the deep ends of this country,” were the last thoughts of Sonkashi as she signed off. Meanwhile, “My Choice” is getting mixed response on social media. The majority of people has termed it as pseudo-feminism, whereas a rare section of Internet  society has agreed to the thoughts in the video.

Watch full video of actress Sonkashi Sinha disagreeing with Deepika Padukone’s thought of My Choice below:-