March 22: Imagine cycling on the outskirts of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and suddenly a new comes and joins in. What more can be a surprise if your competitor is none other than an ostrich! Yes, you read it right. This happened in South Africa when two cyclists from Switzerland were practising for Cape Argus Tour and suddenly were chased by a male ostrich for kilometres.

The story is about two Switzerland-based cyclists who were on their routine practice session and were amazed after they saw an ostrich chasing them. They started pedalling with more power and reached the speed of 30 miles an hour, but sadly the ostrich still chased them for miles. It is also speculated that the male ostrich was trying to show her female partner, what he is built of. (Also Read: Watch what happened when a girl asked series of men to rub her back with sunscreen lotion)

The video was posted by Switzerland-based cyclist named Oleksiy Mishchenko and has gone viral. The incident took place when these two cyclists passed a pair of ostrich and this perhaps irritated the male one and he started chasing. Though nobody was hurt, but the way in which the video has been shot with Go Pro camera is amazing. Have a look at the video.