Newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in is in news for obvious reasons but it is his bodyguard who is grabbing the limelight. Photos of 36-year-old Choi Young Jae is doing rounds on the internet for his looks. Twitterati is hailing him as a ‘stunningly handsome’ bodyguard for his smoldering poses. Netizens are talking about everything about him from his squared-jaw, good skin, and sharp bodyguard suit. While the South Korean media lauded Choi as “handsome brigade” and has selected him as the attractive face of the new administration.

The pictures of the oh-so handsome bodyguard were first posted on Korean web portal Daum after which his pictures went viral. Soon after #bodyguardbae started trending on Twitter for the induction of the new attractive member. But for all those women who were going week in their knees, Choi is married and has two daughters. Choi was quick to gain social media fans who requested him to guard them too. Most of them compared him to romantic lead in a movie. A social media user said, “He looks like the square-jawed serious romantic lead. Who’s going to be his plucky heroine who accidentally captures his heart?” After Pakistani Chaiwala, Turkish butcher Nusret Gokce is the next internet sensation

Here is how the social media reacted to Choi’s pictures:

Earlier pictures of a younger Moon had gone viral which the social media had fallen in love with. However, he continues to be overshadowed by his bodyguard. We know who is going to be clicked more at public appearances now! Social media for sure wants Choi to follow the President everywhere.