Are you tired of hearing the same old style flight safety instructions speech when you board an aeroplane? Well, the passengers on this Southwest Airlines had heard something cool, which made everyone laugh. A viral video of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant rapping the safety rules to the passengers is the best thing to watch on the internet today. The attendant, named Adele, addressed the passengers with safety measures and suddenly broke into a rap. According to Daily Mail, she can be heard saying, “Stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap”.

Adele added, “My name is Adele and I’d like to say, we are on our way. So fasten your seat belts, make’em nice and tight. You better do’em good, we’re gonna check if they’re right.”

The flight attendant has set the Internet on fire by using her innovative and creative way. One of the travellers even beatboxed for Adele. The video clip was shot in Southwest Airlines going from Los Angeles to Utah.

Watch the video here:


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As soon as Adele was done, she welcomed all the passengers. Passengers broke out into a loud applause, and lots of cheering.