Desi Spider-Man

Are you a big fan of superheroes, and especially Spider-Man? Well, you gotta check out this desi version of the superhero to have a good laugh. Or who knows? You could even become a fan of his! The lady in this song is clearly in love with this Desi Spiderman from a movie of the same name! Oh yes, this film was allegedly shot in north India, and has a Bollywood song dedicated to this weird and childish desi version of the heroic comic and film character. Spider-Man here is dancing and running around trees with his girl! No kidding.

This video is to be watched with friends and everyone must roll on the floor with laughter! LOL! Have fun. Check out the Desi Spiderman here. (ALSO SEE: Evian shows the cutest li’l Spider-Man in its new The Amazing Baby & Me 2 ad!)

Watch video here!