Google on Tuesday, dedicated its doodle to biochemist Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen. This Danish biochemist is most remembered for his introduction of the concept of pH, a scale for measuring acidity and alkalinity of a substance. The pH stands for the power of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body. The Google doodle, dedicated to Sørensen, involves an animated game that shows us food item or other substances, and we have to sort it according to its pH values.

Born on January 9, 1868, in Havrebjerg (Denmark), son of a farmer, Sørensen was interested in pursuing a career in medicine rather than chemistry. However, a fellow chemist, S M Jorgensen influenced him to take up chemistry and Sørensen rose to fame and became a figure whose introduction of pH scale is something that remains instilled in every high-school student. While working at the Carlsberg Laboratory as the HOD, Sørensen studied the effect of ion concentration on proteins, and because the concentration of hydrogen ions was particularly important, he introduced the pH-scale as a simple way of expressing it in 1909.

Have a look at the Google Doodle:


PC- Google Doodle

The biochemist described two methods for measuring acidity while introducing the scale (using the notation pH). The first method was based on electrodes, while the second involved comparing the colours of samples and a preselected set of indicators. Sørensen’s work became a foundational concept in chemistry that serves as an important test in many areas of every day life.