India is geographically divided by Tropic of Cancer in two almost equal halves and that although is not a physical boundary but is pretty damning when it goes in the difference between the culture of northern India and southern India. So it is pretty common for stereotypes to exist between southern and northern India and let’s face it our Bollywood and Hindi films actually reinforce the stereotypes with their nonsensical scripts and clichéd characters. A great strife is going on right now in Bengaluru where people are asking why signs are displayed in Hindi. Every now and then we have some controversy that targets Hindi as an official language used in courts and public dealings. However, stand-up comedian Aravind SA tries to explain why Tamilians don’t speak Hindi and goes all out to trash Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express and the song ‘Lungi Dance’. The video that he shared on Facebook has gone viral and amassed 769,000 views however the comments are not all complimentary.

Aravind SA in his viral video titled the ‘Real Meaning of Lungi Dance’, breaks down the popular Yo Yo Honey Singh number and makes an effort to make it downright hilarious. In a lot of ways the video is hilarious and he has tapped the sensitive nub of the people by releasing this video when there is so much strife going on about the official language Hindi. The video has garnered around 18,217 shares on Facebook and approximately 16,000 comments. “You know why we like to irritate you people?” the comedian Aravind SA asks the audience sitting on the front row and addressed them as ‘North Indians’. “Because you people did a f*** all tribute to us called Chennai Express and Lungi dance,” he said.

Watch video here:

He picked the song apart and especially its geographical inaccuracies. However, there were people who dissed him for his so-called comedy. They maintained that he did not understand the concept of the song as it was in honour of Rajinikanth and called him a dump artist. Some came to his rescue and sided with his view point whereas others just said it’s all a joke and there is nothing to be offended about.