The Slow Mo Guys are back, but Dan is not part of their latest video. Gavin Free is joined by American stunt performer, Steve-O for an ambitious new project. The Jackass star fills in the shoes for the usual stunt dummy, Daniel Gruchy for the Slow Mo Guys video that involves fire and giant water-filled balloon and a back flip. [Also Watch: Giant 6 feet balloon is blown up by The Slow Mo Guys]

A giant balloon, similar to the one used in previous videos is filled up with a reasonable amount of water so that it can hanged from a rope. Once that is achieved, Steve-O gets on the edge of a table that is slightly offset from directly under the balloon. He drinks lamp oil and pours rubbing alcohol on his hand for the stunt. He lights his hand on fire and uses it as a torch when he spits the lamp oil from his mouth to light up the balloon.

The video is an attempt to get Steve-O land right under the balloon that is filled with water to drop its load on him as he lands. We must suggest at this point that you must not try this at home or anywhere. Steve-O was a circus performer, and he would rub ice on his hand to avoid getting any blisters from the hand he lights on fire. Check out the incredible feat that is phenomenal to watch by clicking on the video below.