They don’t say a dog is a man’s best friend for no reason.  Once you love them they will be loyal to you for a lifetime. The animal’s loyalty and willingness to provide anything for its family cannot be compared to anything. They remain you companion to their last breath. A pet dog in Mumbai saved a woman who adopted him, from death. In the process, the loyal being had to lay down its life, but it ensured that its owner was not hurt even by a scratch.

A woman who resides in Antop Hill area of Mumbai had adopted a stray dog after it used to come to her doorstep daily. Little did she know the animal would save her life one day. Sumiti Devendra named him Lucky who would keep her company after her mother’s death. The 26-year-old had adopted the dog after her mother passed away last year. However, the companion did not stay long with her. While she escaped Lucky bled to death after a man thrust it with a knife that was for the woman. Former shelter dog saves 3-year-old girl in Michigan

The unfortunate incident happened on April 9 when a quarrel broke out at her neighbor’s house. Sumiti saw her Venkatesh Devendra arguing with his girlfriend Jyoti and sister Rosy. Venkatesh then went to his home and returned with a knife. Rosy ran to Sumiti’s house for help but he entered the house. When Lucky barked at him, Venkatesh stabbed him leaving him bleeding. Police was called after which Venkatesh was arrested. However, there was nothing that could console Sumiti as Lucky died in front of her eyes. Sumiti told Hindustan Times, “I was battling loneliness after my mother’s death when Lucky came into our lives… I named him Lucky as he was indeed very lucky for us. I have lost a family member… He was everything to me.” (Image Credits- Hindustan Times)