Ayodhya: In a shocking incident, a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya was found living with the dead bodies of her mother and sister in the house for over two months.

The bizarre case was uncovered after neighbours complained of a strong stench emanating from a house and called in the police to investigate. The cops forced open the door and were shocked out of their wits, to find that the woman identified as Deepa sleeping with two corpses beside her.

Upon investigation, the two decomposed bodies were found to be of Deepa’s mother and sister, Pushpa Srivastava and Vibha respectively. The police further informed that Deepa’s father, former sub-divisional magistrate Vijendra Srivastava had died in 1990, and she lived in the house with her mother and three sisters, one of whom, Rupali passed away a few years later.

After the twin tragedies, Pushpa Srivastava, and her remaining two daughters, Vibha and Deepa, became mentally unstable and stopped interacting with the neighbours. Both Pushpa and Vibha died about two months ago and Deepa had been living with their corpses.

The police officer said the bodies had decomposed to such an extent that the bones were visible, which means that the deaths had taken place about two months ago.

The bodies have been sent for post mortem to ascertain the cause of death and Deepa has been sent for medical examination and will then be shifted to either an asylum or a shelter home, depending on her condition.

(With Agency Inputs)