What happens when just six drops of ink are introduced to water using a paint brush. Nothing to get excited over ink in water but the artists at the American Islamic College are masters at making masterpieces out of a few drops of ink, water and a sheet of paper to put the impression of the paint on.

What happens in the video is that oil based ink is used as the main source of colour to water and then drawing by giving shape to the ink with a variety of brush strokes. Once the painting is done, all that the artist has to do is carefully place a sheet of paper on top of the well placed ink water and the paper soaks the ink colour to give shape to the wonderful pieces of art.

The results are absolutely stunning and the effect looks easy to recreate. Getting the same or similar results, if not better, is totally up to your own skill and practice but this is a brilliant art form. Watch the video of oil based ink meeting water and the intervention of a human hand fueled by imagination to burst the canvas with amazing art that pleases the eye.