Australian Test skipper Michael Clarke had an awkward situation to face during a pre-match press conference, ahead of the Third Test against England at Edgbaston, when he goofed it up and said, “It is all about executing the skills to have sex.”  Do not get the Australian captain wrong; what he actually meant was it is all about executing the skills to have success. He was referring to Lord’s win, not ‘sex’. Clarke somehow fumbled and corrected it swiftly, but the media men present had a laugh riot.

However this not the first time Australian captain had to be in such an awkward situation. During the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 earlier this year a journalist asked Clarke, “Michael, you have had tremendous sex”. The journalist herein was referring to success as well.

Here is a video account of both the incidents that left Clarke in awkward situations. Watch the videos below.

Earlier an awkward moment took place during a press conference after Australia beat India in the World Cup 2015 semi-final. Watch how cleverly Clarke fended it.