When it comes to food, we all have something which we really crave for. Everyone has something which they prefer to eat and label it as their favourite food. When we talk about chocolates and cakes, there is no ifs and buts about them. A hilarious video of actress Sunny Leone is proof of how big a foodie she is. Recently, Sunny took to Instagram where she can be seen at a radio station giving an interview and then just after it, she began to slip some pieces of banana cake in her purse.

The Radio Jockey caught her stealing and made a video of it. Sunny said that she was only loading up her purse with the banana bread for her crew as she could’t see food going waste. “This is not for me, I am allergic to nuts,” the actress funnily says on the camera.

Sunny Leone captioned the video as, “Ummmm yes I have so much fun working!
After all this, my team didn’t even give me a piece of cake! They just took it and ate it! Didn’t even offer me!! Thanks @radiomirchi and @mirchiprerna for letting me steal cake! So much fun!”.

Watch hilarious video here:


Most celebrities, in order to maintain their perfectly toned bodies, avoiding eating anything which has calories. Seems that’s not the case of Sunny though!