The Super Bowl 2017 ended on February 5, 2017, with some magnificent performances. The New England Patriots won the match against the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. While people enjoyed the surprising win for the Patriots, there was a much deeper message that has been resonating in the super blow 2017. From Lady Gaga’s performance of Make America Great Again to the various advertisements created for Super Bowl 2017, leading celebrities and brands have been taking a dig at the United Sates President, Donald Trump.

Lady Gaga began her halftime performance with a beautiful version of God Bless America, taking a stand for immigrants and making a statement. There were various other Super Bowl commercials that also took a dig at President Donald Trump and his immigration policy. There were some other ads that simply made fun of the 45th President of the United States for no reason. Here are Top 3 Best Super Bowl 2017 ads that take a dig at President Donald Trump!

1. Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial

Budweiser is known to make commercials that touch our heart. Their Super Bowl 2017 commercial hits out at President Donald Trump’s immigration ban by pointing out the contribution of the German in making one of the highest selling beers in the United States. Titled Born The Hard Way, the commercial shows the struggles of the founders to reach America and highlights the contribution of immigrants to the country.

2. 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial

The 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial created a stir for showing the much talked about Wall that he plans to build to curb the Mexicans. The ad shows the hardships of Mexicans to reach America and how President Trump’s “Wall” can curb the hopes of millions of young people. With the tagline, ‘The will to succeed is always welcome here’, the ad takes a dig on the immigration policy between Mexico and America and also shows the wall, which President Trump is adamant on building.

3. It’s A 10 Hair Care Super Bowl Commercial

While brands like Budweiser and Coca-Cola take a stand for the immigrants, Its a 10 Hair Care simply chose to ridicule President Trump. Their Super Bowl ad takes s direct dig at President Donald Trump’s hair, which has been a subject of joke for many. The ad begins with the statement, “America, we are in for at least four years of awful hair. So it is up to you to do your part, by making up for it with great hair.” The ad shows people of different races, age and colour coming together to make a statement and flaunt their beautiful hair!