Surat: In a moving tale of determination, a 27-year-old woman from Surat started a campaign to save the environment after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Blaming air pollution for terminal diseases, Shruchi Vadaliya has planted over 30,000 trees so far, to tackle the grave issue plaguing the country.

Vadaliya, who was diagnosed with the disease a few months ago, believes that air pollution is the reason why she developed the tumour and that many lives can be saved from deadly diseases if more trees are planted.

It’s with this purpose that in the last two years, she has planted thousands of trees and encouraged others to do the same. According to her, the chances of people developing such dangerous diseases will be greatly reduced if we breathe fresh air.

“I may die soon but I want to live on in the breaths of the people by planting more trees. I do not have enough time to live my life and fulfill dreams but I do not want others to face the same. Therefore, plants should be planted which will improve the air quality and prevent cancer,” Shruchi was quoted as saying by ANI.

 Shruchi now often visits various villages and schools to meet children and encourage them to plant trees.

“Educating children is the best way to save the future,” she added.