Swami Om and controversy go hand in hand, anything the poor guy does backfires and he often gets beaten up by the public. The former Bigg Boss contestant found limelight through the show but it also made him a target of Indians for public beatings. Through Bigg Boss we came to know that the self proclaimed Godman is too good at throwing tantrums and spewing venom. His vulgar videos on Twitter often have been reported for its content and people often dig out photos and videos of him where he is being beaten and slapped by people. So this time the case wasn’t any different, Swami Om was once again beaten up at Jantar Mantar by women at a candlelight march organized for the victims of the Amarnath Pilgrim Attack.

Swami Om was previously thrashed in public even when he was the chief guest at an event in Delhi. So severe was the beatings that he received that his wig came off and he had to rush to the safety of his car. Once again the self proclaimed Swami has got a public thrashing and none other than by women. Swami Om was a part of a candle light march that was held in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar to condemn the Amarnath Terror Attack. In the video once can see how everyone is running behind Swami Om to hit him. Also Read Swami Om gets beaten by public, former Bigg Boss 10 contestant runs away with wig in hand (Watch video)

Watch video here:

In the video the women attempt to beat him with chairs too, but once again Swami Om managed to save himself. We wonder, how long he will keep getting thrashed in public and when will his self-esteem answer. Until then let’s wait for another entertaining and spicy video of his beatings.