After comedian Trevor Noah joked about Indo-Pak tensions on The Daily Show, the netizens all over the world started slamming him for his insensitive remark. Now, Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar lashed out at the South African comedian for his ‘ignorant and racist’ joke. Slamming Noah she said that war is not funny or entertaining. She also slammed the writers of the show for writing such an insensitive script.

Sware tweeted, “@Trevornoah 1. War isn’t funny or entertaining. 2. Hindi is not gibberish. Ur stereotype of indo- pak is ignorant & racist. 3. Ur set smacks of essentialism & a patronising generalisation & is v #FirstWorld 4. Human lives were lost & at stake. SO disappointing! @ComedyCentral.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “@Trevornoah @ComedyCentral a not racist & cruel version of this joke (IF Ur Writers was diverse)- India & Pak thankfully walking back from brink of war. Meanwhile, Bollywood looking to see how many dance numbers they can fit in2 movie version of this episode! Thanks @vedashastri.”

Following Swara’s tweet, Mallika Dua agreed with her and called Noah jokes as ‘Shockingly unintelligent and tone deaf’. She tweeted, “Shockingly unintelligent & tone deaf What makes it sadder is that @Trevornoah cracked such a below average, shit joke. Something Russel Peters probably threw in the bin before his first open mic in life. If you’re going to be a racist comic than at least get the comic bit right.”

During a segment on the show, Noah mocked the situation between India and Pakistan. He said, “It would be the most entertaining war ever.”

He further commented, “Hope Indian and Pakistan don’t go to war. But if they did go to war, it would probably be the most entertaining war of all time, yeah. Because the Indian Soldiers would run out on the battlefield and that’d be like – *Stereotypical Indian Accent* Time for you to die *sings in hindi* (auro ki life difficult kar tu). It will also be the longest war of all time. Another Dance Number!”