Pictures of Syrian children in distressing situation had recently gone viral and among it was the disturbing photo of Alan Kurdi who was washed ashore while trying to escape. A Swedish photographer, Magnus Wennman had captured the ordeal of children from Syria which told us that the war is far from over. After those tragic images, here is a video that will show you the terrible situation in Syria. The war has displaced over 10.6 million people and about 4 million of them are in refugee homes. Roughly, half a million of them are young children. (Also Read: 20 chilling pictures of young Syrian refugee children sleeping tell you the crisis is far from over)

The following video shows the situation in a suburb near Damascus in Syria after an air-strike hit the residential area. The distressing video shows young children who were separated from their mother following an attack. The kids go wailing on the street searching for their mother, after which a volunteer pick up the kids and them up into a car. Reportedly, about 200 people were killed in the attack. The video was posted by the Syrian Civil Defense on Facebook.

The situation of Syrian refugee children are the worst. Most of them are displaced and don’t even have parents or siblings. Either of both of their parents died in the war. This is the case of most of the refugee children living in refugee camps across Middle East and in Europe.