Actor Taapsee Pannu knows how to handle her trollers and never leaves them without a befitting response. Recently, she was speaking at the 50th edition of the International Film Festival of India 2019 (IFFI) at the session ‘Women in Lead’ hosted by a Doordarshan anchor. During the audience session, a person asked her to speak in Hindi. He said, “”Taapsee please thoda Hindi mein bol lo, kyunki Hindi filmein aap karti ho.” (Taapsee, I request you to talk in Hindi, since you do Hindi films).

To this Taapsee replies, “Mein Toh pura Hindi mein baat kar sakti hu.” (I can talk in Hindi completely). She then asks the audience if everyone will understand Hindi and many of them said ‘No’. The troller then says in English, “Why Hindi language, she is a Hindi actress.” To which Taapsee gives a befitting reply and says, “I am a South Indian actress also, should I talk in Tamil, Telugu.”

The video has gone viral on the internet since them and many have applauded the actor for her quick response.

Watch the video here:

During the session, she talked about pay parity and said, “not even half of (what) the leading men (get paid. It is way less than one-fourth at times — to be honest, even less. Half of the salary of the leading hero is the entire budget of a female-driven film of an A-list actress.”

She added, hope it changes in my lifetime. That can happen when more and more people walk into a female-driven film in theatres. Only box-office can change this. Yes, women-driven films have increased drastically over the last four to five years but the big difference will happen when the (box-office) numbers come in. There is no other way.”