Onesie W-Fi jumpsuit

By Borre Facebook

Your wait for Wi-Fi signals has come to an end. Onesie, a jumpsuit making company has come up with a jumpsuit that can turn you into a walking Wi-Fi hotspot. Now you can walk around coolly like a Wi-Fi system, using it yourself and giving it to others.

The creation was developed by Dutch fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk who had been experimenting with a circular knitting machine a few years ago. He was then trying to knit two layers of fine cotton thread enclosing a synthetic fibre. However his idea materialised after he used copper wires to support the whole system during the manufacturing process.

The suit went public after it was showcased at the South By Southwest technology conference in Houston earlier this year. The attendees at the conference were given a task of tracking down the jumpsuits using the GPS signal and were then asked to upload tracks to curate a playlist.

Akkersdijk has not just one prototype, but two. Each of the outfits has inbuilt Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth technology. Although there are chances that this could be a game changer with the rare wearable outfit, manufacturing it on a large scale is quite a job. The outfit is heavier when compared to normal clothes and it is expensive, as the whole thing is supported on Wi-Fi.

Although the goofy looking jumpsuit was appreciated for its abilities, not everyone liked its design or style. Akkersdijk said that in a while he will try and come up with a slimmer and fashionable version. He said that he will have to work a lot to make it slim and will have to attach flexible electronics that can survive a washing machine. Until then, this tech smart garment will only be available in its bulky version.