Today women are match steps with men in all fields, but unfortunately the same women are subjected to unwelcome sexual advances, bullying and what not. Women are the victims of sexual harassment and violence, there has been a long string of cases, where women find themselves in the most uncomfortable situations, but chose to ignore it.

In this brand new video by the Ministry of Women & Child Development Govt of India there is a change in the way women are addressing these issues. Since women are the key to addressing these issues in this video a mother takes a step forward to talk to his son about sexual harassment she faces everyday.(ALSO READ: Sexual harassment at workplace: Raise your voice to stop it!)

All you have to do is start a conversation at your home, start with your son. Women as mothers need to teach their sons to respect women, you can start this by telling your son your daily ordeal. How it gets difficult for you to face each and every new day when you are subjected to such uncomfortable situations. Tell your story and let your son be the change you want to see. Watch the amazing video below. Start the conversation and share your story with the hashtag #StartYourStory.