In a terrible situation, doctors removed 52 kgs of plastic waste from the stomach of a sick cow at Tamil Nadu’s Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. This highlights the disastrous impact of plastic bags that can have on the health of stray animals that often eat out of garbage bins.

Doctors had to struggle for five hours to remove garbage containing plastic, pins and needles from a cow’s stomach. According to the report of The Hindu, due to so many things in the stomach, the cow had a lot of pain. P. Munirathanam, the owner of the cow complained that the cow was having difficulty for a long time. The owner of the cow took the cow to the local vet, who advised to show in Tamil Nadu’s Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.

After doing many tests, surgeons of TANUVAS decided to perform a cow operation and then after surgery a lot of garbage was removed from the cow’s stomach. The surgery started at 11 am on Friday, which ended at 4:30 pm. ANUVAS Clinic Director S. Speaking on the matter, Balasubramanian has said that this incident is a living example of the danger to the life of animals from plastic being spread in public.

Cows swallow food and bring it back to the mouth to chew it before sending it to the stomach, which has four chambers. Plastic getting deposited in the stomach causes slow absorption of nutrients and other complications that can lead to the animal’s death.