Tamil Rockers, an Indian piracy site’s members including the admin have been arrested on Thursday, November 1 in Coimbatore.  As per the sources, the anti-piracy cell tracked down the culprits and arrested them. According to police reports, the members of Tamil Rockers pirated Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam and other languages films on their website.

Tamil Film Producers Council’s Anti-Piracy Cell Suspends Domains of Tamil Rockers For Pirating Vada Chennai, Sandakozhi 2

Tamil Film Producers Council’s Anti-Piracy Cell Suspends Domains of Tamil Rockers For Pirating Vada Chennai, Sandakozhi 2

Shockingly, the site also has a connection with an international piracy racket which contributes more to their crime. Unfortunately, the site became popular and people in large numbers downloaded the pirated version of the films. Not only this, some people became so reliable on the site that they waited for the film to leak on their website so that they can download and watch it.

The popularity of the site made it come into the eyes of the anti-piracy cell but smartly they have been changing the domain names of their site from the beginning of this year.

Earlier, the anti-piracy cell of the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) has decided to take matters into its own hands and suspended a number of domains like Torrents and Tamil Rockers that have been involved in the act. The move comes after newly released movies Vada Chennai and Sandakozhi 2 were targeted.

TFPC had on October 20 tweeted out a list of domain names that they have suspended and it includes tamilrockers.hn, tamildbox.online, goldminesmovies.online, tmvplay.fun, tmrockers.pw, and octloan.pw.

Piracy is that one thing that exists and makes any filmmakers hard work go in vain as soon as the film is leaked. This has been said again and again that piracy is a crime and downloading films from piracy site is a much bigger crime. Every year members of the piracy site are being arrested.

There have been many instances where movies have been leaked online on the first day of their release, costing filmmakers a huge loss. And the suspension of the domain names could help prevent that.

Preventing piracy from happening has been a difficult task, and despite laws, it still continues unchecked. The Copyright Act 1957 is applicable throughout India, and under the law, if you are convicted for the first offence, you could be jailed for six months or up to three years. You would also have to pay a hefty fine of Rs 50,000 or Rs 200,000, depending on the crime.