Adding another feather to their notorious cap of successfully leaking pirated Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood movies, piracy website Tamilrockers recently shelled out Episode 1 of Game of Thrones Season 8. The episode came out at the strike of dawn today, much to the content of anticipating fans and within a few hours of being dropped, Tamilrockers proved to be a pain for them as well.

The site that initially leaked pirated South Indian movies, has now upgraded their pixilated content and uploads high-quality versions of the latest shows. In lieu of this, Tamilrockers have uploaded a free HD download of the episode online. The website received several warning from courts including Madras High Court but nothing seems to be working out since movies are still being leaked.

The much-awaited episode one of the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiered early morning today in India and last night in the West. As expected, it unravelled mysteries and promised to create more. The episode showed the Winterfell preparing itself to fight with the Army of the Dead. The next episode shows Sansa and Daenerys in an intense conversation about how they should have never trusted Cersei with her promise of helping them in fighting the army of the Dead. Jon Snow is shown in a panicking mode after realising the Winterfell has only got time till sunrise to prepare for the epic battle. Also, Daenerys is shown approaching Jon in the Winterfell crypts.

HBO has dropped the teaser of the episode second of Game of Thrones Season 8. After the first episode opened gates for more mystery, bloodshed and everyone eyeing the Battle of Winterfell, the trailer of the next episode gives glimpses of its characters witnessing the ongoing tensions at the Winterfell. The trailer of episode 2 hints at the panic-situation at the Winterfell as the characters also seem deeply engrossed in sorting out their rivalry while focussing on preparing to fight the Army of the Dead. The battle will be showcased in episode 3 of the season, which is also going to be the longest one with one hour 22 minutes of air-time.