Taurus Horoscope 2020: Your stars are asking you to redefine the way you approach your people and treat your relationships. People who love you dearly need you to reciprocate the same amount of warmth and even though they might be keeping up with your attitude so far, they are not likely to do the same this year. Your biggest strength in 2020 is going to be your genuine bondings with people. Make sure that the person you have been calling your best friend is given a treatment that a best friend deserves. You can’t afford to be ditching your loved ones or ignoring them just like that.

The year has got much more to offer to you than you think but your kindness and patience are the only way to discover these opportunities. Now is the time to show that you are capable of giving as much as people around you have been giving you. Take out time for people who love you, surprise them with things they like and bring them comfort.

It’s important for you to watch our your words and reflect your mannerisms carefully in the middle of the year. Something you never intended to do can leave someone very close to you feel heartbroken. You don’t want to cause pain in the person’s life, you have to ensure you are not saying anything that adds up to someone’s misery. It’s a year for some self-introspection and realising that life can’t be same always. If you were at the centre of attraction for most people in your life so far, prepare yourself to see that not happening this year. And that should not bog you down in any manner. Don’t try to force yourself on people. Your stars want you to learn to accept than fight on somedays. Also, the way these people were appreciating you when you were growing in life, it’s time for you to do the same for them. Be supportive and let others shine too.

Overall, the year wants you to take a backseat and work on yourself at a personal level. It could be time to reinvent and work on relationships first and then moving ahead in life. Think!

Lucky colour: Red/ Shades of red